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December, 1997

Doug Davidson and Technical Achievement Award Nominations At The December General Meeting

In This Issue:
From The President
B.O.G. Review
Training Activity
Raffle News
W.R.A.M. Show
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From the President
By Warren Barrick
The November general membership meeting at the church was as usual very well attended. This in spite of the first Tuesday not being our usual meeting day.
BOG Elections were to be held at this meeting but instead the president agreed to accept volunteers. As a result of previous agreements and those who volunteered at the meeting we have 12 new BOG members who are to attend their first BOG meeting at the church on Dec. 15th at 7:00 PM.
New BOG members who will retire from their official capacity as of the end of December are: Jack Butler, Al Campana, John Matt, Joe Pasquini, Walt Pierzchala, Alex Primas, Charlie
Swope, George Sprenkle and Warren Barrick. Thanks guys for a job well done, the club is much better as a result of your diligence and efforts.
The BOG at its December meeting heard about the restructuring of the training program under our new chief instructor, Jim Campana. More will be published in time for Spring training
sessions. As of January Al Campana will assume the editorship of the HEAR YE. Thanks Campanas for "hurling yourselves into the breech". The BOG also agreed to once again host our combined February Meeting and awards Banquet.More information will follow, plan to attend this gala affair.
December general membership will be at the church on Dec. 9th at 8:00 PM. Nominations for club awards will be taken at this meeting. Be prepared to offer substantive remarks about
each person you choose to nominate.
The Doug Davidson Award and the Technical Achievement Award are our major awards. Voting on your nominations will be held at the January meeting and awards of all kinds will be
presented at the Awards Banquet in February.
All BOG members, incoming and outgoing will meet at the church 7:00 on December 15th to select new officers for 1998.

B.O.G. Review
By Sam Andreas
The November meeting of the Board of Governors was called to order at 7:00 P.M. on Tuesday, November,18th.
Details of the meeting are as follows:
1) Jim Campana informed the B.O.G. of operational changes which will be made to the Instruction program upon assuming the position of Head Instructor in 1998.
2) Al Campana agreed to become Hear-ye editor in 1998.
3) The board formally decided to hold the club Banquet in February as usual.
4) The President informed the assembly that we have 12 volunteers to serve on the 1998 B.O.G.
5) Nominations for the Doug Davidson and Technical Achievement awards will be taken at the December meeting.
6) Elections for 1998 Club Officers will be held at the December B.O.G. meeting.
7) The treasurer reported the club's financial status.
8) Net proceeds from the club Auction were reported.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:30.

Training Activity
By Rom Boutin, Chief Instructor
The '97 Training Season has come to an end and I must say it was a very busy season. A total of 62 students (31 from '96 and 31 enrolled in '97) applied for Instrucions. As of this writing a total of 13 students were Soloed in '97. Three of the soloed persons were from '96 and 10 were from '97 enrolees. At the present time there are 33 active students currently assigned to Instructors. We are presently carrying 16 paid up '97 membership students who for various reasons have either lost interest in the hobby or have relocated.
Jim Campana has agreed to head up the Training activity starting Jan. 1998. It is suggested that Students contact Jim Campana to affirm their interest in continuing with their Instructions and get an ans. to a question you may have.

Raffle News
By Joseph Pasquini
The Raffle has been going very well and members have been taking home some very nice prizes.
Prizes this month will be:
Hanger 9 ARF Easy fly 40
Fuel and Accessories
After three years I am giving up the Raffle Chairman's Duties. So, we need a volunteer to take over in Jan. 1998. Hopefully someone with some new ideas to keep the raffle going.
Thank you for all your support in the past.
Joseph Pasquini

EAGLE-40 by Thundertiger. Low wing (50"). Eng.35-40 Price: $45.00
COMET by Lanier. High wing (60"). (90% Built). Eng.40-45 Price: $45.00
GAZARIATOR by Sterling. (Big brother of Flegling). High wing (68"). Eng.40 Price: $60.00
HAMMER-40 by Champion Kits. Low wing (60"). Eng.40-45 Price: $50.00
THUNDER-BIRD by Model-Tech. (Wood ARF Kit). Wing (45"). Eng.19-30 Price: $70.00
ROBINHOOD-99 by World Engines. (wood Kit) 1/4 Scale. High wing. Price: $120.00
QB-40 CENTURIAN by Pilot Kits. High Wing (60"). Eng. 40-45. Price: $65.00
PA-18 SUPER CUB by Pilot. Scale kit. High wing (80"). Eng. 45-65 Price: $120.00
CHRISTEN EAGLE by Pilot. Scale kit. Bi-wing (60").Eng. 60-75. Price: $160.00
MK-MAGIC 60 by Kato Kits. Pattern wood kit. Eng. 60. Price: $110.00
LUCKY STICK 40 by Model-Tech. (ARF wood kit). Eng. 35-45. Price: $75.00
DOUGLAS DC-3 by Royal Kits. (Scale kit) wing(83.5").Eng. 2X 40. Price: $200.00
FA-300 T Saito Engine, Flat Twin 4 Cycle eng, New in box.
Engine and kits are new in original boxes from my personal collection.
If interested in any of the above call BERT at 610-623-9501.(Ans.Machine).

The V.F.S.S. annual bus trip to the W.R.A.M show will take place on Saturday, February 28th.
Reservations can be made at the December general meeting on Tuesday the 9th.
Cost is $30.00
This covers: transportation, admission and food and refreshments.
Those interested should see Joe Weiser at the meeting or call him

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