Radio Control Airplanes

by Michael Myers

Rolling Sukhoi

Billy J's Sukhoi

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  • Scale models I've built and flown
  • Radio Controlled Autogyros
  • R/C Flying in the Snow
  • "Flying Things"- See a radio-controlled flying witch, American Flag, doghouse, even a flying lawnmower!
  • New!Radio Control 3-D Flying- a new style to test your nerves.
  • Radio Control Jets
  • Some more magnificent scale models

Radio Control Airplanes is a most rewarding and enjoyable hobby with no limits to the skills one can develop both in building and flying. My planes are generally 5 to 6 foot wingspan with engines ranging from 6.5 to 15cc (.40 to .90 cubic inches).

Here are some fully aerobatic scale models I've built:

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Click on a thumbnail to view the larger image:

Static photo In-flight photo In-flight photo Ryan STA- Exact 1/5 Scale
with functional steel flying wires.
In-flight photo In-flight photo In-flight photo Liberty Sport Biplane, outfitted with a smoke system.
Bridi XLT: Static photo Bridi XLT: In-flight photo Bridi XLT: In-flight photo New!My latest model, a Bridi XLT.
Tuned pipe muffler under canopy, retracts- slick and clean.
Here's a link to more photos of this airplane.
Static photo In-flight photo An Extra 300S finished to resemble this full-scale airplane.<-- cool picture
Static photo In-flight photo Stearman N2S-2, U. S. Navy markings.
Static photo in-flight Zlin An exact 1/6 scale Zlin 526A Akrobat with smoke and retractable landing gear.
RC Model British S.E.5- a World War I biplane. Very realistic flyer.
RC Model Beechcraft Bonanza- This plane will do 100 mph, but I prefer half-throttle.
RC Model Gee Bee Sportster- an old-time racer
RC Model DeHavilland Chipmunk- a wonderful aerobatic model
Clipped-Wing Piper Cub Clipped-Wing Piper Cub Clipped-Wing Piper Cub- Very scalelike and fun to fly.
Here's this Cub on skis in the snow
In-Flight Photo A Classic Kaos- designed for graceful precision aerobatics.
Smith Miniplane Smith Miniplane Aerial shot A Smith Miniplane proving that you can put a smoke system on a small engine!
Here's a photo of the plumbing system that makes the smoke.


 Autogyros use an unpowered rotor on top to provide the lift instead of a conventional wing.
There is an engine-powered propeller on the front to provide thrust.

Cierva C.4
C.4 static C.4 in flight In-Flight Photo Here is my model of a 1923 Cierva C.4 Autogyro.
In-Flight Photo Here is Dave's Kellett Autogyro.

The Tango

Static photo In-flight photo My Tango Autogyro, dual contrarotating rotors.
Joe's Tango Joe's Tango, modified from the same plans.

Here is a link to more pictures of the Tango

RC Flying in the Snow

For many of us in the northern latitudes, RC flying is a year-round activity despite the winter cold and snow.

I find that as long as it's sunny, 35F is quite tolerable with a pair of gloves with the tips of the thumbs cut off. At 40F you don't need the gloves.

What I like best is doing "touch-and-go's" in pristine snow. The snow is very smooth and absorbent of shock.

In-Flight Photo In-Flight Photo My Tango Autogyro and Clipped-Wing Piper Cub flying on snow skis.

A Great RC cartoon:

(Click the thumbnail)


Flying Things:

Besides propeller driven airplanes of all types and sizes, you can build and fly helicopters, gliders and jets. You can even build a flying lawnmower (see below)- it motors down the grass by itself, then takes off for the sky!

Here are some pictures of my buddy Joe's flying witch. She is lifesize and it is quite eerie to see her flying around with her cape flapping in the breeze. If you click on the first thumbnail below, you will see a propeller at the tip of her broomstick. The cape is black cloth on three spars and the broom "bristles" are really a rudder and elevator.

Click on an RC Model to view a larger image:

RC Model Joe's flying witch
RC Model RC Model The witch taking off.
RC Model This photo really captures the moment.
Here's how she looks on Halloween
RC Model Here is a video clip of Joe's witch in flight taken from a TV newscast..

Here are a few more "flying things":
RC Model RC Model Joe's flying American Flag.
RC Model Joe's Flying Doghouse
In-Flight Photo In-Flight Photo Here is Larry's flying lawnmower.
RC Model How about a flying Stop Sign!

Radio Control 3-D Flying

This style of flying demands extreme concentration and skill. The model planes with their high power-to-weight ratio can do maneuvers impossible in full-scale planes.

The planes have powerful engines and large control surfaces and are able to hover and even roll with the nose up and tail sometimes touching the ground.

Here are some photos of 3-D flying in action:

3-D RC Flying 3-D RC Flying 3-D RC Flying 3-D RC Flying 3-D RC Flying

Other excellent scale models

Click on a thumbnail to view a larger image:

RC Model RC Model Helicopters.
RC Model Matt flying his helicopter inverted inches from the ground!
One way to trim the grass!
RC Model RC Model Rudy's 12 foot DC-3. With working parachutist.
1/4 scale Cub Here's Warren's 1/4 scale Piper Cub coming in for a landing.
RC Model RC Smoker These planes have realistic smoke systems.
RC Model Austin's Antic.
RC Model Alex's beautiful de Havilland Tigermoth.
RC Jet A gorgeous scratch-built Tigermoth.
RC Model Charley's Fokker D VII.
RC Model Here's an in-flight shot of Dan's Fokker D VII.
RC Model RC Model Al's AT-6 Texan. and an in flight shot of his Clipped Wing Cub.
Cap 232 Billy with his 43% Cap 232.
RC Model Tigercat Billy's Grumann F7F Tigercat.
Cessna 182 Here's Mike's Cessna 182, modeled exactly after his friend's full-scale version. This is a model, not a full sized airplane!
Cessna 182 Here, Mike set up his model next to the full-scale Cessna 182 it was modeled from
RC Model Dave's 1/3 Scale Laser 200. Handmade graphics.
P-51 Mustang P-40 Warhawk Two more of Dave's beautiful scale models:
a P-51 Mustang with handpainted nose art. and a P-40 Warhawk
P-47 Thunderbolt Here's Dave's P-47 Thunderbolt coming in for a landing.
PT-19 A PT-19 on a low flyby with flaps down and the pilot waving.
Spitfire Dee's Spitfire.
RC Model RC Model A magnificent GeeBee Model R

Radio Control Jets:

Jet The Bandit: A genuine turbine jet that flies at 200mph.
You can have one for under $10,000.00.
RC Model Here's some of what it takes to start up the Bandit's turbine.
Note the leaf blower, compressed air and propane tanks.
It sounds as awesome as a real one! Here's more info on this model.
Mig Mig A fine scale turbine jet, a Russian Mig
A more modern RC design allows the startup with the push of a remote button.
  Here's Gene's HotSpot with a Jet Cat turbine. Very Hi-tech.
RC Jet  Turbine Helicopters!.
RC Model F-15: This is a different kind of RC jet called a ducted fan. Less complicated than the one above, a standard engine fits inside the fuselage with a fan for a propeller. Sort of like a flying vacuum cleaner, but very realistic in flight.
RC Jet This is a twin ducted fan electric powered jet made of styrofoam.
RC Jet Here is an F-16 with a conventional engine driven propeller on the front for power.

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